Why Use Aromatherapy for Emotional Support?

I have developed a unique technique for emotional support using essential oils. Why would you choose this method? Aromatherapy is a great option for emotional management for a few reasons.

Firstly, aromatherapy can be used alongside other treatments and therapies, including anti-anxiety medication or counselling.

Secondly, unlike medications, essential oils are generally safe for anyone to use (via inhalation, as is done in my technique) and the oils soon leave the body system. If you have a reaction, you will know pretty quickly; you can stop using the oil and you should have no lasting effects.

Lastly, the aromatherapy technique used for emotional support that I have developed is something that you can access anywhere, anytime – you just need to carry a small bottle of essential oils with you. The method is unobtrusive and does not take a lot of time. You can turn to essential oils during a moment of emotional turmoil in a way that other relaxation techniques might not be available to you. Research shows that aroma is the quickest way to change mood and behaviour, so aromatherapy can be an effective and efficient tool.

To learn more about my aromatherapy for emotional management technique, you can book an appointment with me (face-to-face or online), undertake my online self-paced course, the Emotional Management Program, or read my new book, Essential Oils for Emotional Management, which will be released soon! Visit my website for more details on all of these offerings.



Author: Rebecca Tichbon

Rebecca Dyson Tichbon is a qualified Medical Scientist, Aromatherapist, educator and facilitator, Life Coach and dance teacher. Beck is passionate about women’s wellbeing and finds fulfilment in supporting others on their wellbeing pathway through her all of her work. She shares about her own journey in her best-selling book, Using Essential Oils for Emotional Management. Beck manages to successfully straddle with worlds of science and woo-woo, bringing a sense of magic to her scientifically-researched therapies and teachings.

You can find out more about Rebecca here: https://www.titchhaven.com.au