What does an Aromatherapist Do?

When thinking of ‘aromatherapy’, many people’s first thought is of massage. Massage certainly is a relaxing and therapeutic way to experience essential oils, and it does form a part of my practice. However, essential oils can be used to alleviate symptoms and promote physical health in other ways, as well as supporting the emotions and mental health.

As a qualified Aromatherapist, I have studied the biochemistry of essential oils and learnt how to effectively and safely use essential oils for treatment. Much of the new research demonstrates that essential oils can be as effective or even more so than other modern conventional medicines for issues such as infections or anxiety, and with less side effects.

Essential oils, being plant-based, have an energetic healing capacity, and so can be used for spiritual work and for self-healing practices.

Aromatherapy certainly takes a holistic approach to health!

I love my job, helping others on their health journey. I work with people of all ages. I have seen the benefits essential oils can bring to anxious children and to calm ADHD symptoms. I currently do consultations at aged care facilities and I perform therapy on dementia patients and those in palliative care. It truly is an amazing calming technique!

Working as an Aromatherapist, I take into account my clients’ age, medications, health conditions, and other important factors that could all effect how essential oils can be used safely.



Author: Rebecca Tichbon

Rebecca Dyson Tichbon is a qualified Medical Scientist, Aromatherapist, educator and facilitator, Life Coach and dance teacher. Beck is passionate about women’s wellbeing and finds fulfilment in supporting others on their wellbeing pathway through her all of her work. She shares about her own journey in her best-selling book, Using Essential Oils for Emotional Management. Beck manages to successfully straddle with worlds of science and woo-woo, bringing a sense of magic to her scientifically-researched therapies and teachings.

You can find out more about Rebecca here: https://www.titchhaven.com.au