Using Essential Oils for Emotional Management Book

Using Essential Oils for Emotional Management book is now available in both Kindle and paperback versions for purchase from Amazon.

Part memoir, part aromatherapy text, the book details (Rebecca Tichbon) Beck’s journey to wellbeing through her discovery of the power of essential oils. Along the way, Beck explains the aromatherapy technique that she developed so that her readers can learn it for themselves, finding emotional support.

This is a fabulous book that gives you the practical use of aromatherapy and relaxation techniques, as a natural and safe way to promote your journey to wellbeing.

The book contains the profiles of 33 essential oils which Beck recommends for emotional support, you will learn the art of essential oil blending and the ways to experience the powerful healing of essential oil aromas.

Emotional Management with Essential Oils Program

Have you read the book and want more?

You are in luck, Beck also has a course.

Research shows that smell is the quickest way to change someone’s mood or behaviour. The diverse aromas of essential oils can be used in this way. In the Emotional Management Program, you will learn how to create and use an essential oil blend which makes you feel at peace or relaxed. By combining the aroma with some simple calming techniques, you can be guided on how to use essential oils for balancing emotions and releasing stress and anxiety.