Wellness Consultation

Feeling stuck? Indecisive? Lost? Emotional? Dealing with a chronic illness?

As a qualified Life Coach, Educator and Therapist, Beck offers one-on-one wellness consultations to help you to find your spark using well-researched methodology. Her therapy can include Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Time Line techniques, Aromatherapy, Oracle Cards, Pendulum work and Hypnosis. Let Beck take care of the science and you enjoy the magic! Enquire now for a discovery session to see how this may assist you.

Discovery Session:

$137 for a consultation. Allow up to an hour.

Aroma-Technique Wellness Massage

The Aroma-Technique could more truly be described as a relaxing and therapeutic essential oil application, rather than a ‘massage’. Because the oils do all of the hard work, there is no need for vigorous massaging of the muscles or skin. Essential oils can be applied to the back, hands and/or feet in light massage. The oil blends used have been specially chosen for their beneficial effects, including stress management and immune support.

Aroma-Technique Wellness Massage:

$137 for a one-hour session, including 45 minute massage with essential oils.

Chakra Alignment with Essential Oils

There are many ways to clear and align the chakras of the body – breathing techniques, yoga, crystals and more. Essential oil application is another highly effective method.

In this technique, essential oils which support the seven main chakras are specifically chosen for the client and then gently applied to the body areas of the chakras.

Come away feeling re-engergised, focused, balanced, relaxed and grounded in your mind, body and spirit.

Chakra Alignment:

$137 for the technique, including essential oil application. Allow up to an hour.

Essential Oil Personality

In her book, ‘The Fragrant Mind’, Valerie Ann Worwood introduced the idea of personalities attributed to essential oils. Rebecca has re-visited this topic and developed a personality quiz for clients to discover their own fragrance personality. Using the results of the quiz, clients can be assisted to create their own signature fragrance blend of essential oils which best supports their personality.

Essential Oil Personality Quiz & Fragrance Blending:

$137 for one hour consultation, quiz and one take-home essential oil blend.