Integrative Health Consultations

As a qualified Life Coach, Medical Scientist, Educator and Therapist, Beck offers one-on-one wellness consultations using well-researched methodology. Therapy sessions can include Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Time Line techniques, Aromatherapy, Oracle Cards, Pendulum work and Hypnosis. These sessions are useful to find support for:

  • emotional issues
  • mental health challenges
  • physical health and chronic illness problems
  • spiritual guidance (non-religious)

Consultations come with a $137/hour fee, and pre-payment is required to confirm the appointment booking.

Click on the ‘Book Now’ button below to make an appointment. If the available dates and times do not suit you, make a direct enquiry on our ‘Contact Us’ page to ask for a different timeslot.

Gift Card

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Find Your Magic Program

Feeling stuck? Indecisive? Lost? Emotional?

Beck feels privileged to support you to create and attain your goal towards a fulfilling life. Using up to seven appointment sessions (or 12 hours of therapy), Beck will guide you through a sacred process of self-healing and exploration, providing new learning and gentle accountability on goal tasking. Session activities include life evaluation tools, clearing impactful emotions, creating personalised essential oil blends for emotional support, environmental review, goal setting and future pacing.

Your investment is $1197, or six weekly payments of $202 (including a deposit). It is recommended to make an initial consultation to discuss the program. If you have determined that you are ready to make this commitment to yourself, contact us today.

Personalised Reading

Seeking some inspired guidance? Beck’s personalised reading includes an oracle card draw and divine message plus an intuitively-created essential oil rollerball blend. It is a spiritual (yet non-religious) experience of sacred magic.

Face-to-face readings are available in Bunbury for $39 – allow 45 minutes for the appointment. Click on the ‘Book In-Person Reading’ button below for this option. If the available dates and times do not suit you, you can instead choose the distance reading option, or make a direct enquiry on our ‘Contact Us’ page to ask for a different timeslot.

This service can also be conducted remotely at the same price of $39 – select the ‘Distance Reading’ button below. Your Reading will be sent to you as a video. The essential oil blend can be picked up from South Bunbury – choose the ‘Bunbury Pick Up’ option from the drop-down menu at the checkout page.  If you require for your essential oil blend to be sent to you, select the ‘Post EO Blend’ option at the checkout, and the $5.95 postage fee will be added to your order. Click ‘Add An Order Note’ in the ‘Order Summary’ section of the checkout if you would like your reading to answer a specific question; add the details you would like to share in the note. Allow up to 72 hours for your reading message to arrive. Postage arrival times will vary.

Aromatic Care Package

Aromatic Care Package

Our Aromatic Care Package is for the gentle support of those experiencing terminal or chronic illness, the elderly and for end-of-life care. Through a process of sacred (yet non-religious) care, Beck provides a spiritual and relaxing sensory experience, combining aromatic, sound and touch therapies. The client (and/or their loved one/s, especially when the client is less than fully lucid) is consulted in creating a personalised essential oil blend that they find calming. The blend is then used as part of a therapy session, using relaxation music, electric candles, hand massage, soft fabric and guided meditation. The process assists the client to develop a positive association between the essential oil aroma and a calm feeling. The essential oil blend can then be diffused during emotional moments, and the aroma will encourage the body to find composure and tranquillity.

The Aromatic Care Package is available for $264, and includes up to two hours of consultation and treatment time, plus the essential oil personalised blend (undiluted), ideal for use in an essential oil ultrasonic diffuser. Consultation can include education of carer/s on aromatherapy support.
Travel expenses may be added for home visits outside of the greater Bunbury area. Further half-hour therapy sessions can also be booked at $67 per session. Beck has a Vaccination Certificate, Working with Children Check and a recent Police Clearance to enable hospital and residential care facility visits and for carers’ peace of mind.

Chakra Alignment with Essential Oils

There are many ways to clear and align the chakras of the body – breathing techniques, yoga, crystals and more. Essential oil application is another highly effective method.

In this technique, essential oils which support the seven main chakras are specifically chosen for the client and then gently applied to the body areas of the chakras.

Come away feeling re-engergised, focused, balanced, relaxed and grounded in your mind, body and spirit.

Chakra Alignment:

$137 for the technique, including essential oil application. Allow up to an hour.

Essential Oil Personality

In her book, ‘The Fragrant Mind’, Valerie Ann Worwood introduced the idea of personalities attributed to essential oils. Rebecca has re-visited this topic and developed a personality quiz for clients to discover their own fragrance personality. Using the results of the quiz, clients can be assisted to create their own signature fragrance blend of essential oils which best supports their personality.

Essential Oil Personality Quiz & Fragrance Blending:

$137 for one hour consultation, quiz and one take-home essential oil blend.

Click on the ‘Book Now’ button below to make an appointment. If the available dates and times do not suit you, make a direct enquiry on our ‘Contact Us’ page to ask for a different timeslot.