Emotional Management Program


Between 2013-2016, I went through an intense period of trials, tragedy and loss. I went from a happy, confident woman to someone struggling with grief, anger, anxiety and self-doubt. To support myself in my recovery, I turned to essential oils as a natural method of healing. I found essential oils so effective that I went on to study Aromatherapy. This learning nicely complemented my health studies and interest in biochemistry, as well as my gift of a strong sense of smell. I share about my wellbeing and aromatherapy journey in my book, Using Essential Oils for Emotional Management.

What you get:

  • Learn how to use essential oils to assist with emotions.
  • Valid for 6 months
  • Downloadable Learning Handbook
  • 6 Learning Videos
  • 4 Downloadable Guided Aroma-Meditations