Participant Statement

I have read and understood the Titch Haven Privacy Policy and consent to the use of my information by Titch Haven.

I acknowledge that attendance fees are to be paid in full prior to the commencement of the Aroma Dance session, either online or by cash at the door. I understand that there are no refunds on fees unless under special circumstances and at the discretion of the AromaDance Leader.I have read and understood the Refund Policy.

I have full knowledge of the nature of physical activities such as dance and understand that I and/or the children in my care will be exposed to essential oils.I understand that participation in Aroma Dance is at my own risk and Titch Haven administration will not be held liable for injuries or reactions sustained to me and/or the children in my care while participatingin either the movement activity, smelling essential oils or essential oil skin application. I recognise my own body’s limits in participating in the movement activities. I will seek doctor’s advice before or after participating in Aroma Dance if I have any concerns about my own or my children’s health. I will use my own discretion should I not wish to participate or withdraw from participating;or discontinue the participation of the children in my care. I will not ingest the essential oils supplied at AromaDance.

If at any time during the Aroma Dance session I should feel uncomfortable, injured or ill for any reason, I will notify the Aroma Dance Leader immediately.