Is Aromatherapy a Science or an Art?

The short answer to the question ‘is Aromatherapy a Science or an Art?’ is… it’s both!

New scientific research into the use of essential oils comes out daily, and I constantly have a long list of journal articles to review! My Medical Science background means that I can understand and interpret such research to learn more about how essential oils work as a therapy.

There is definitely an art to preparing beautiful blends of essential oils. Aromatherapy preparations need to smell nice as well as have therapeutic effect! My acute sense of smell gives me skill in the artist side of aromatherapy – creating aromatically-pleasing blends.

My own emotional traumas and getting in touch with my spiritual side has led me to be able to use aromatherapy for that application as well. As well as my qualifications in aromatherapy, I have great personal experience in the use of essential oils for emotional support. I have done a lot of research into this particular field. My personal and medical research findings have led me to develop my own unique aromatherapy techniques for emotional management. I look forward to sharing them with you!



Author: Rebecca Tichbon

Rebecca Dyson Tichbon is a qualified Medical Scientist, Aromatherapist, educator and facilitator, Life Coach and dance teacher. Beck is passionate about women’s wellbeing and finds fulfilment in supporting others on their wellbeing pathway through her all of her work. She shares about her own journey in her best-selling book, Using Essential Oils for Emotional Management. Beck manages to successfully straddle with worlds of science and woo-woo, bringing a sense of magic to her scientifically-researched therapies and teachings.

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