Find Your Magic Challenge!

Welcome to our Find Your Magic Challenge!

This challenge is designed to help you to put YOU first. You are worth it! And by prioritising yourself with these simple tasks over the seven days, we hope that you find ways to inspire some magic into your daily life.

To prepare for the Challenge, we suggest that you have a Journal ready to use. You can use the notebook to record the challenge tasking. When it comes time for you to share any of your tasking with us, you can simply take a photo of your Journal page, or copy an excerpt from it into an email. We’d love to hear how you get on. Grab yourself a notebook ready for the challenge to begin. Perhaps you would like to decorate its cover or the front page as part of your commitment to finding your magic.

You are invited to get out your diary to plan out when you can work on the daily challenges or simply note them down as a reminder to complete them. Another suggestion is to find yourself an accountability partner (to assist alongside Titch Haven!) to gently prod you on the tasking. Why not invite a friend who could benefit the challenge to join you and then support each other through the program? Asking for your partner and family’s support is great, too.

So, before we even begin, some tasking has been set for you!

Over the 7 days of the challenge, we will send you a small daily task to complete. Rest assured, you will not need to put hours and hours of work into each task! You get to decide how much time you want to dedicate to your efforts. It is hoped that by completing the tasking and recording it into a Journal, this week-long exercise might bring some new magical habits!

You may enjoy some of the tasking more than others, and you might even dislike some of it – it wouldn’t be a ‘challenge’ if it was all too easy! But by making the commitment to seven small tasks, you might just see a change in yourself. Perhaps simply making this commitment to yourself is the first challenge! Carve out some time for yourself, make the effort, and reap the reward.

We are here to support you! If you get stuck or lose motivation at any point along the way, please reach out. Sending you best wishes for the challenge! We are excited for you and what the next few days will bring.


  1. Free enrolment into our Emotional Management Program online course (valued at $197)
  2. Free Discovery Session with Beck (valued at $137)
  3. Find Your Magic kit, including a decorative tray, sage stick, candle and crystal (valued at $99)
  4. A paperback copy of Beck’s book, Using Essential Oils for Emotional Management (valued at $19.99)

Remember You are worth it!

Find Your Magic Challenge by Titch Haven
Grab yourself a notebook ready for the challenge with Titch Haven
Support and you best wishes for the challenge with Titch Haven
Using essential oils for emotional management