Emotional Management with Essential Oils

Here is some information taken from Using Essential Oils for Emotional Management to provide an understanding of the scientific principles of the techniques described in the book and used in our Emotional Management Program.


Research shows that smell is the quickest way to change someone’s mood or behaviour. The diverse aromas of essential oils can be used in this way. In the Emotional Management Program, you will learn how to create and use an essential oil blend which makes you feel at peace or relaxed. By combining the aroma with some simple calming techniques, you can be guided on how to use essential oils for balancing emotions and releasing stress and anxiety.

How to Use Smell to Calm the Emotions

As a child, perhaps you had a Grandmother who was very cuddly and was fond of wearing a particular perfume. She would wrap you up in her arms and hold you close, and make you feel safe and loved and wanted. Can you imagine that when you smell that perfume, that would invoke those same feelings of safe and calm and loving? In this way, inhalation of essential oils can be used to promote a positive emotional response, such as relaxation. Taking some time out to stop and smell an aroma can also help to ‘break the moment’ during a negative emotional response. For people who tend to over-react in stressful situations or have anxious thoughts, focussing on a pleasant smell can break them from those thoughts, and give themselves a chance to gather themselves instead of getting more wound up. Stop and smell the roses…

Anxiety – There’s No Easy Fix, But There Are Ways to Help!

There are times when anxiety is a normal response to a situation. The anxiety response can help us to get through the event, by promoting the hormonal release of stress endorphins and to spur us into action.

However, it is not normal for anxiety to infiltrate our day-to-day living to the point that it impacts on our ability to lead fruitful and enjoyable lives. When instead of inspiring action, it makes us curl up in a ball and retract from life.

Unfortunately, there is no magic pill or other therapy that can instantly ‘cure’ anxiety. And perhaps that is a good thing, due to needing the stress-reaction, as described above. If we never felt any stress, we would be leading either very boring or very dangerous lives!

Just like a weight loss program or trying to break a bad habit, dealing with anxiety needs a bit of focus and effort; and using a ‘multi-prong’ approach will lead to the best success. Medication, counselling or psychotherapy and complementary medicine can all play a part in the healthcare plan that should be tailored to the individual. Aromatherapy is one more ‘string’ to add to your ‘bow’ when tackling anxiety.

Other Difficult Emotions

The Emotional Management Program can similarly be used to assist with anger, grief or other difficult emotions. All of these emotions are ‘normal’ – it would be unhealthy to hide them. However, sometimes we need the space to process these emotions so that they don’t continue to have serious impact on our on-going daily life. Having a tool at hand to use when emotions such as stress, grief, frustration or anger arise provides empowerment and reassurance.

Why Chose Aromatherapy For Emotional Management Support

Aromatherapy can be a great option when seeking support for emotional management. Here are some reasons why.

Firstly, as discussed previously, aromatherapy can be used alongside your other treatments and therapies. At Titch Haven, we do not intend for aromatherapy to be used at the exclusion of other effective therapies. Do what works for you!

Unlike medications, essential oils are generally safe for anyone to use (via inhalation, as is done in this program) and they soon leave your body system. If you have a reaction, you will know pretty quickly; you can stop using the oil and you should have no lasting effects. You’ve got nothing to lose by trying aromatherapy!

There are other ways to induce calm, such as listening to relaxation music or meditation. However, this does take a bit of time and the right place to be able to carry that out, and you may not have that. One benefit of the aromatherapy technique used for emotional support is that if you carry your aromatherapy tool with you, you can access it anywhere, anytime. Smell is known to be the fastest way to induce emotional change, so aromatherapy is an effective and rapid method to induce calm.

NOTE: We DO NOT advise for anyone to stop taking medication – a discussion with a health professional is necessary before stopping any medication.

The Value of the Program

The Emotional Management Program has an investment of $139 for six-month access to our course. Once enrolled, you have immediate access. The course outline is easy to navigate, and you don’t need any online skills to use the course – simply click and learn!

The online tools guide you in how to create an essential oil blend that you can use for emotional support, and then how to use this blend and put into practice your aromatherapy. There is a downloadable booklet for you to follow, as well as videos that support the sections of the booklet. The videos are all less than 10 minutes each, meaning the learning has been broken down into ‘digestible chunks’. You don’t need to find an hour free to do the next section of the course!

If face-to-face learning from an instructor is still what you prefer, the online course can supplemented by Workshops. Contact Beck at info@titchhaven.com or phone 0414 728 848 to express an interest in a face-to-face workshop, or check out our Facebook page to see when and where are workshops are being held.

Support yourself on your wellness journey with the Emotional Management Program!

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What a wonderful book – so courageous and poignant. I can see the book being of enormous help to those who have experienced similar trauma in their lives and even those who have experienced a different type of hurt. The author has been able to share her experience and turn it into a quality book.

Bobbi Buckle, Reiki Master, EFT Practitioner

I regularly refer to essential oils books to help me in my life and my family’s life. I have again learned lots of great and useful information reading this wonderful book. Additionally, it made me realise that I am not alone, I am not crazy… Being a mother, being alive isn’t always easy. It feels good to know that what I am going through is okay and all will be okay. So a big thank you to Rebecca for writing this book! I enjoyed reading it and would definitely recommend this book to anyone who wants to take another step forward into healing themselves. I will be sharing about this book with my clients.

Laetitia – Reiki Master and Mother of two boys.

The Emotional Management Program has an investment of $694 to receive five live group sessions over six weeks as well as access to an online course, guiding you to make change and implement the Emotional Management tools and techniques. The group sessions are hosted both online (available across Australia) and in person in Bunbury. Find accountability and support in our program.

Alternatively, you can enrol in the self-paced online course only for $197.

Support yourself on your wellness journey with the Emotional Management Program!