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Titch Haven is a wellness service is based in Bunbury, Western Australia.

With Titch Haven’s Principal Therapist is Rebecca Dyson Tichbon, we
specialise in:

Integrative Health Consultations
Find Your Magic Program
Tribal Dance and Drum Classes
Retreats, Workshops & Online Courses

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Monthly Gratitude Challenge

Your challenge is to write something to be grateful for every day for a month. It can be something amazing or something seemingly insignificant. It can be the same thing more than once, if it means a lot to you. Just find a moment to make gratitude a part of your day. Note how it makes you feel over time.

Self Exploration - Work towards the YOU you want

Your core values are your fundamental beliefs. They help you determine right from wrong and how you show up in the world. This downloadable booklet will help you to explore your core values and make changes to see you align with them and find satisfaction in life.

Weekly Planner

Get ahead each week and make the plans needed to lead your own magical life!


An Introduction to Essential Oils for the Emotions

In this 20 minute webinar video, Rebecca (Titch Haven’s Principal Therapist) shares a bit about her pathway to aromatherapy and her emotional support techniques. Have some lavender and peppermint essential oils handy for an exercise Rebecca leads as part of the webinar.

Aroma-Meditations and Other Guided Relaxations & Visualisations

Experience an Aroma-Meditation – a unique therapy developed by our Principal Therapist. These beautiful guided meditations are to be enjoyed along with essential oils. Rebecca has also recorded some other guided visualisations, perfect for women to relax with and become empowered by. Access them here.

Belly Dance Inspired by the New Moon

Follow along to this simple movement exercise in the style of Global Caravan Tribal Belly Dance. Pop on a hip scarf, light a candle and enjoy!


Mindful Mandala

Mandala making is another way to practice mindfulness. It helps you to create a reflective state where you can be in the present moment. Download and find a moment of mindfulness.

Find Your Magic Challenge!

This challenge is designed to help you to put YOU first. You are worth it! And by prioritising yourself with these simple tasks over the seven days, we hope that you find ways to inspire some magic into your daily life.

Zils are traditionally worn on the fingers of belly dancers, creating two sets of cymbals. In our Zils Practice Challenge we will practice the simplest rhythm – the alternating pattern.

Beck is often featured in the media and on podcasts.
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