Aroma-Technique Wellness Massage

The Titch Haven Aroma-Technique Wellness Massage is more accurately described as an essential oil application process for relaxation and therapeutic effect. The massage does not work deeply into the muscles like a therapeutic deep tissue massage might do. The idea is to apply light pressure to ensure the oils are massaged into the skin. There is no need for vigorous pressure or rubbing – the essential oils do all of the hard work!

Common causes of illness in the body are stress, toxins and inflammation or infection. The essential oils applied during the Aroma-Technique are chosen to assist the body to cope with these factors. Touch also has a healing aspect, and the pleasing aromas of the essential oils add to the effect.

During the Aroma-Technique, essential oils or blends which have been diluted for safe use on the skin are applied in a light massage involving the back, neck, head, ears and feet. The technique’s approach to touch is also done to stimulate the known body meridians and energy zones while balancing body systems and function to enhance the activity of the essential oils. The technique will take 45 minutes, plus consultation and post-care time.

When receiving the Aroma-Technique Wellness Massage:
  • If possible, remove jewellery that may be obstructive, such as earrings and necklaces.
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing, preferably with a separate top and pants. You will be asked to remove the top half of your clothing (e.g. shirt and bra) and lie face down on the massage table before commencing the technique. You will be covered with a towel or sheet to keep you warm.
  • Oil will be applied to your feet. You may wish to give your feet a quick wash just before the technique. You may also like to wear clean socks after the technique, to keep the oils on your foot skin and prevent you from slipping over with oily feet.
  • Oil will be applied across your back and neck then up over the back of your head. The ears and feet will also be used. It is preferable that you are recently showered so that you don’t need a wash after the technique. The essential oils will continue to work for up to twelve hours post-application, so it is best if they are not washed off straight away. However, some oil will make it into your hair, so you may choose to wash your hair the next day following the technique rather than have clean hair messed up by the oils.
  • It may invoke emotional or physical release. Be prepared that you may feel like crying (from sadness or joy), feel anger (if the emotion from built up pain is released), or you may just fall asleep. All of these responses are completely okay – let them wash over you and be released. As the oils continue to work for a while after application, this release could happen over the next day or two following the technique.
  • The final step is a light push to the feet to stimulate lymphatic movement through the body. Your therapist will let you know when this is about to occur.
  • You should feel calm and relaxed. You can open or close your eyes as you wish. Meditation music will be played and both you and your therapist remain silent. Try to use the time to experience mindfulness and focus on the experience of the aromas and the touch without letting the busyness of your day disturb your peace. A great time to receive Aroma-Technique is in the evening, after your dinner meal and nightly bathe. Then you can simply fall into bed for a great night’s sleep!

Aroma-Technique is not recommended for children under 12 years of age or during pregnancy or when receiving some medical treatments, such as chemotherapy or other drugs and medications. Essential oils can have harmful effects to these people, so please seek medical advice before receiving the technique in these situations. Let your therapist know if there is anything else that may affect your Aroma-Technique experience, such as sensitive skin, allergies or ticklish feet.