Aroma Dance


Titch Haven is excited to be able to offer a new aromatherapy technique – AromaDance! AromaDance is a combined free-form dance and aromatherapy experience. It is a beautiful way to awaken your senses and reconnect with  your body while you free your mind and open your heart. Through creative movement and essential oils, you shower  healing energy on your body and mind to bring them back into alignment.

AromaDance is an invitation and opportunity to dance to an inspirational mix of world and contemporary music with a group of like-minded people, while anointing your seven main chakras (or energy centres) with a series of essential oils.

The dance experience and essential oils work to open you to your inner radiance, joy, and  creative flow. AromaDance is an international form of dance, created by Tamara Gerlach in the USA. Titch Haven’s Principle Therapist, Rebecca Tichbon, has become a certified AromaDance Leader to be able to offer this experience.

Principles of AromaDance

  • Self-expression
  • Self-healing
  • Self-care
  • Self-empowerment
  • Community

Reasons to do AromaDance

  • AromaDance is a freeing experience to open your mind and your heart, and to reconnect you to your physical body
  • Regain energy flow throughout your body – to invigorate your body and stimulate your senses
  • To release stress and tension
  • For creative expression
  • To inspire joy, peace, and serenity
  • To delight your inner child and wisen your inner sage
  • To participate in a form of meditation and to strengthen your connection with self
  • To open the channels for self-healing
  • To join together with others for a spiritual and uplifting experience
  • To have fun!

People who might be attracted to AromaDance are:

  • Those who enjoy both essential oils (aromatherapy) and dance or movement activities with inspirational music
  • Those looking for a new method to enjoy meditation, mindful movement, chakra balancing or self-healing, or a way to experience some ‘me time’ or ‘down time’
  • Those seeking connection with others in a positive experience
  • Those looking for an activity to release tension and have fun, with no learning commitment

What Happens at an AromaDance Session?

As participants arrive, they register on the sign-in sheet and are greeted by the AromaDance Leader.
A warm-up dance (led by the AromaDance Leader) is performed together to prepare the body for movement.
A Guided Visualisation or  Meditation is used to find focus,
forget for a time outside influences and issues, and to relax to be able to fully immerse participants in the session.

The AromaDance experience involves seven short pieces of music to move to, one for each of the  main chakra points located on the body:

1. Base or root chakra – at the base of the spine (and down the legs to the feet, which is the part we anoint))

2. Sacral chakra – on the tummy, just under the naval

3. Solar plexus chakra – higher tummy, just below the ribs

4. Heart chakra – on the sternum

5. Throat chakra – at the base of the throat

6. Brow or third eye chakra – between the eyebrows (forehead)

7. Crown chakra – on top of the head Before each dance, a drop of essential oil is provided to each dancer to self-anoint their chakra point.

An affirmation is used and the dancers are invited to reflect on a personal question during the dance.

Following the crown chakra dance, the participants come together in a seated circle for a final guided visualisation or
meditation before the session is closed. The session is about one hour and fifteen minutes in total.

Are There Regulations That Apply to AromaDance?

Attendees at AromaDance are asked to respect the following guidelines, so that all participants can have an enjoyable experience.

  • No drugs or alcohol – AromaDance is a drug and alcohol-free event. We will experience plenty of bliss without the need for chemical enhancement!
  • Be punctual – Participants should arrive on time or early for the session so that we can begin with everyone present. If a participant has not pre-registered, they should please arrive at least 10 minutes early to complete registration. Should there be an unavoidable delay in a participant’s arrival, they are asked to please slip quietly into the session with minimal disturbance.
  • Be a mindful dancer – Listen to your own body and move within your own limits. It is easy to get swept up in the dance, but please share the dancefloor, try not to bump into other dancers and avoid being in others’ personal space.
  • The dancers respect each other – We do not judge each other’s movements and dance capability; we are all able dancers. We recognise that everyone’s body is different, and body shape and size will never be judged. The AromaDance experience can be an emotional one. If you have tears or laughter – let them flow. If other participants are experiencing their own emotions, give them the space and respect to do so.
  • We do not disturb each other – We respect the experience by turning off or putting our mobile phones into ‘silent’ mode and packing them away (e.g. in a handbag). The dancers also do not talk to each other during the dances. The occasional gleeful noise is ok let out– we just don’t talk with each other with words. If you are experiencing any issue (e.g. pain, emotions) that you want to raise with the AromaDance Leader, please make eye contact with the Leader and motion to step away from the dancefloor, to be able to talk without disrupting the other dancers.
  • No kids – Children are not invited to AromaDance sessions as there are no crèche facilities.

How Can You Register for an AromaDance event?

AromaDance events being hosted by Titch Haven will be posted on our FaceBook page – please ‘like and follow’ Titch Haven on FaceBook and check into our page for updates.  Visit or

E-Newsletters will also be emailed out to keep interested parties updated on events.
Please  subscribe to Titch Haven’s newsletter on our website:

Participants are asked to pre-register for events using our online booking system. Links to bookings are found on Titch Haven’s FaceBook page and website. Fees are paid to cover the costs of running AromaDance sessions, such as essential oils used on participants, insurance, venue hire,

Participants are also required to complete a simple registration form. Pre-registration is ideal – this means that the AromaDance
Leader does not need to take payments and forms at the event and can plan early for the number of participants.

However, cash payments and form completion can be done at the door; but be aware that the event might be full and atthe-door registration may not be available.

Other Information

The essential oils used are pure high-grade quality essential oils. The oils are diluted in organic yellow jojoba oil for safe skin application.

If a pre-registered participant knows that they can no longer attend, it would appreciated if they would let the AromaDance Leader know as soon as possible by SMS, phone call or email.
Photographs and videos are not permitted to be made at AromaDance events. The  AromaDance Leader may ask participants to pose for  photographs or videos for the use in promotional material. Participants will be asked to provide verbal consent for this to occur and may disincline should they wish.

In the event that an AromaDance session cannot go ahead as planned, all registered participants will be notified, and the session will be rescheduled. The participants will be invited to attend the new session date at no extra charge or will be credited for an upcoming session.

No refunds will be given on registration fees unless under extraordinary circumstances and at the discretion of the AromaDance Leader.

Introducing your AromaDance Leader

Rebecca Tichbon

Your AromaDance Leader is Beck. She is also the owner and Principle Therapist at Titch Haven.

Beck is a qualified Aromatherapist and a wellness consultant. She brings with her a wealth of knowledge in health as a Medical Scientist. Beck has a decade of experience as an adult educator and has great ability in facilitation. 

She is learned in the chakra system and has developed a chakra alignment technique using essential oils as an aromatherapy treatment. Beck has also been a dancer from a very young age. She began ballet lessons at four years of age, but in more recent years has been a belly-dancer.